vendredi 11 novembre 2011

Heaven is a place on earth with you

Don't know if it's the season, the weather or the moon, or only because I just had to learn how to let it go with a beautiful love, but I'm kind of obsessed with this song right now...

mercredi 1 juin 2011


One shall never forget to thank the universe, God or life for what we have. I bump into so many people all the time that complain about the life they have, the bad things happening to them, etc, it's actually scary. (Specially here in Paris, where complaining seems to be a national sport)

Every morning, I open my eyes and I give my gratitudes. I thank life for giving me another day, and I pray to get the best out of it. Maybe happiness is in the details, in these little glimpses of happiness you get along the way. And one shall not be blind not to see it. My life is a blessing, I am what I want to be, every day and precious and can make a difference. Every night before I turn off the light I try to remember the little miracles that happened during the day (and, believe me, there are plenty...), and I read a page of this tiny little book: Inner Wisdom by Louise Hay.

Today I fell in love with the cover of the last Oprah Magazine issue. How can a magazine convey to the needs and to the tastes of women so different across the globe? Whatever you social, education, racial, religious background, women feel like it's been written for them. This is a magazine that should exist for the French as well, to teach them a bit how beautiful life is.

Today I wish you inspiration, gratitude and grace...

mercredi 27 avril 2011

One day my geek will come

To all my single friends who are still waiting for the Geek of their life, here is a new website they should check out:

dimanche 17 avril 2011

A Vogue Idea

I've always been a magazine's collector, and, if I really have to throw them away (one needs to move from times to times), I always keep my favorite pictures or articles.
This is a serie I've been going back quite often recently. Is it because of my last break-up with someone with who I could not have stayed with more than a short period of time, though I really like him, but these images do move me a lot.
It is taken from the US Vogue, July 2010 issue, and the subject is called "Magnificent Obsession". I mean, since when does Anna Wintour makes emotion now?
Wether it's her, Grace or Peter Lindberg (his first subject in Vogue since 18 years now), but these pictures exude so much emotion, one reads it like a movie....

At the beginning they look like the perfect American family from the 60s.

 But soon some shadow is spreading over their perfect couple.
 Maybe her bright smile while talking to this younger boy says it all.
 It's heartbreaking to look over one's shoulder, who observes his wide stepping away from his family.
 Their attitude is very significant; him, the strong man who seems defeated, cannot even look at her, while she seems embarrassed, one can tell from her pout, her shoulders and her pointy feet.

 Then finally she has the courage to leave him, and go back to work. The party is over, but this last picture exudes so much strength and freedom.

Vogue US, July 2010